Thursday, March 20, 2008

Phone Calling Card Rates Under 1 Cent Per Minute!

New International Phone Cards are cheap and reliable. We've been using 3 different phone cards from for about 3 years now. The service and features have be great and I never think about how much it's costing me to call a client or a tech support line. On hold for 15 minutes? Well that's still annoying, but at least I don't have to pay $5-$10 anymore. My calling rates for domestic US calls are about 3 cents a minute I think, and they have cards now that are as low as 1 cent a minute. Often if you put $20 or more in a card you get a discount so your cost is even lower.
We just started using the Champion phone card because it includes a free 800-Number that I can use for my business. Non-US companies can get one of these cards, program it to call their office, and just like that they have a Toll Free Number in the US to give their customers. Calling rates vary by country, but most are very low compared to other services. Don't let the way they display prices fool you. When you see a cost of 0.90 ยข/min, it looks like 90 cents, but it's real .9 cent, or less than one cent per minute. Yeah, that's cheap!

You don't have a cell phone or mobile phone, but you want one. Well now's the time because they are cheaper and better than ever. Check out and find a great deal.
I can't believe that email has to suck so bad because of spam! Why can't something be done to keep spammers out and still have email be useful and easy to use? Controlled Access Email thinks they may have the answer...!
Domainers are controlling more and more domain names everyday. Is there anything that can be done and are we running out of domain names? Do we need something better than what ICANN offers today?


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