Monday, May 05, 2008

Anti-counterfeit Drug Analyzer Provides Real-time Analysis

Briefcase-sized Portable Anti-counterfeit Drug Analyzer Provides Real-time Analysis Anywhere, Anytime

ASD Inc. introduces the RxSpec® 700Z -- a powerful new weapon in the Pharmaceutical Industry's war on counterfeit drugs. User-friendly system provides non-destructive, on-the-spot lab quality analysis for field agents from industry, government, and law enforcement world-wide.

Boulder, CO - May 1, 2008 --- ASD Inc. introduces the RxSpec® 700Z anti-counterfeit drug analyzer (, a lightweight fully-portable lab-quality system contained in a rugged aluminum briefcase. For the first time in history, field agents from industry, government, and law enforcement have the ability to test drugs on the spot, anywhere, anytime, to determine whether the actual pill, rather than the packaging, is authentic or counterfeit. With a much wider spectral range than other market offerings, the system simultaneously analyzes, in mere seconds, all components of the pharmaceutical in question, rather than the active ingredient only -- and because the test is non-destructive, the sample is unaltered and preserved. The system operates on either battery or wall power, and weighs a little less than 23 pounds (10.4 kg). The RxSpec 700Z is the realization of several years of extensive research and development, eight patents, and ASD's solid track record of building drug identification technology.

Counterfeiting and theft within the pharmaceutical industry supply chain range from conservative estimates of $30 billion to more than $50 billion in annual losses to corporations, according to market studies by organizations such as IMS Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, while the extent of pharmaceutical counterfeiting varies among different regions in the world, there is consensus among regulatory bodies that the problem is an extremely dangerous and escalating threat to the health and safety of the world's population. In 2003 the FDA established the Counterfeit Drug Task Force as a new initiative to combat this growing problem. ASD has answered this call to action with the RxSpec® 700Z anti-counterfeit drug analyzer.

"Field agents will find the easy-to-use interface of the RxSpec 700Z quick and intuitive," said Tom Brown, ASD Vice President of Sales and Channel Management. "And because the test takes only a few seconds, the agents will now be able to act more quickly when they have discovered a counterfeit."

ASD will be showing the RxSpec 700Z at the following 2008 events: The Fourth Global Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting ( in Washington DC, June 4-6; Combating Counterfeit Medicines Symposium ( in London, UK, June 12; Bio International Convention ( in San Diego, California, June 17-20; 2008 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference ( in Toronto, Canada, June 22-25.

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