Friday, October 31, 2008

Avandia Ban Calls Grow - Warnings Not Seen As Enough Warning

Public Citizen Petitions FDA to Ban Avandia, Cites Life-Threatening Toxicity as Top Diabetes Associations Advise Against Use

Risks Outweigh Benefits of the Diabetes Drug; Safer Alternatives Are Available

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Public Citizen - Oct. 30, 2008 - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should immediately ban the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia because it can cause death from liver failure and has many other life-threatening risks that far outweigh its benefits, Public Citizen said in a petition filed today with the agency.

New research released by Public Citizen about the drug, used to treat Type 2 diabetes, comes as a working group with representatives from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, unanimously advised against using Avandia, whose generic name is rosiglitazone, because of their concerns about the drug's risks. This statement appears in the newly published issue of Diabetes Care, the ADA's peer-reviewed medical journal. Despite a significant decrease in its use since publication of a study linking it to increased risk of heart attacks, approximately 10,000 prescriptions a day are still filled for this unacceptably dangerous drug, which is sold by Glaxo-SmithKline.

Public Citizen has identified 14 cases of Avandia-induced liver failure, including 12 deaths. These cases were derived from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System after careful review of the agency's MedWatch forms, which are submitted to the agency when adverse drug reactions are suspected.

Liver toxicity is only the most recently noted danger of Avandia; Public Citizen has encouraged diabetes sufferers to avoid taking the drug because it increases the risk of heart attack approximately 40 percent, doubles the risk of heart failure and bone fractures, and increases the risk of anemia and vision loss from macular edema, a swelling of the retina caused by fluids accumulating in the eye. There were 39 times more reports of macular edema per million prescriptions filled for Avandia than for an older diabetes drug, glipizide.

Avandia prescriptions fell sharply following a May 2007 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine connecting the drug with increased heart attack risk. In 2006, the number of people taking the drug peaked at 13.2 million. Since then, that number has dropped to 4.6 million for the last full year. This means that about 10,000 prescriptions a day are still being filled for this dangerous drug. 

"The scientific consensus against Avandia is overwhelming," said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group. "The timing of these findings should give the FDA the momentum it needs to act swiftly to prevent further needless deaths and health damage by banning this drug."

Safer, more effective drugs for Type 2 diabetes include metformin (brand name Glucophage) and glipizide (brand name Glucotrol). Pioglitazone (sold as Actos), a drug in the same family as Avandia, is not recommended, as it shares most of Avandia's toxicities - except for the risk of heart attack - and   the ADA does not number it among the preferred therapies for most diabetics.

The full petition is available at

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Major Cancer is Now Preventable

Ads Running Throughout the City Are Alerting New Yorkers That a Major Cancer is Now Preventable

"So Disfiguring, So Preventable," the Message about Oral Cancer that is Dominating the City.

New York, NY, October 30, 2008 -- Preventing oral cancer is the word on the street in New York City, as scores of people are spotting advertisements that are running on hundreds of city buses, inside and out. Oral cancer, which kills twice as many Americans as cervical cancer, is now especially on the rise in young people, women and non-smokers partly due to what is widely suspected to be an oral sex related increase in exposure to the human papilloma virus (HPV). OralCDx Laboratories, a division of Oral Cancer Prevention International, has launched a bus ad campaign, urging people to visit BrushTest certified dentists for this routine screening test. The BrushTest, often compared to the Pap smear for the prevention of cervical cancer, tells patients if any of the common red and white spots that are found in almost everyone's mouth at one time or another are pre-cancerous and need to be removed, long before they have the chance to develop into cancer.

The ad appears on the outside and inside of 450 MTA buses. Simultaneously, a similar ad jointly placed by OralCDx Laboratories and the American Dental Association is running on over 100 MTA buses.

The bus ads will be running until the end of November, leading into the Greater New York Dental Meeting, taking place at The Javits Center starting on November 28.

Oral cancer, one of the most disfiguring cancers, kills about as many Americans as melanoma and twice as many as cervical cancer. Very few cancers are preventable, and OralCDx is on a mission to let people know that oral cancer has recently joined the short list of preventable cancers. The effectiveness and accuracy of the BrushTest is referenced by both the National Cancer Institute and the ADA, and the test is used by over 30,000 dentists nationwide.

About the BrushTest

OralCDx Laboratories, a division of Oral Cancer Prevention International, Inc., is the worldwide, exclusive provider of the BrushTest, utilizing patented and proprietary tissue sampling and cell analysis systems. The BrushTest is used by dentists and physicians to help prevent oral cancer, a disease that kills as many Americans as melanoma, twice as many as cervical cancer, and is rising among women, young people and non-smokers. Well over 25% of those found to have oral cancer do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol. Recent studies have also shown a link between HPV and an increase in oral cancer.

The BrushTest is taught in the majority of U.S. dental schools and is a covered benefit under Medicare, Medicaid and most private U.S. medical and dental insurance plans. The American Dental Association (ADA), in collaboration with OralCDx Laboratories, has recently embarked on a campaign to inform patients that because of the BrushTest, oral cancer has joined the short list of cancers that can now be stopped, years before they can even start. The accuracy of OralCDx was demonstrated in one of the largest studies in oral medicine ever conducted, performed at 35 academic centers in the U.S., involving nearly 1,000 patients. This study was published as the cover story of the Journal of the American Dental Association and earned OralCDx the ADA's prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

For more information on the OralCDx BrushTest, call (877) 672-5722 or visit

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Silent Killer of WWII American Veterans

LegalView Informs Mesothelioma Blog Readers with Details on Asbestos: Silent Killer of American Veterans Dating Back to World War II

LegalView informed mesothelioma blog readers of a silent killer of American soldiers and veterans besides traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Mesothelioma cancer has likely affected thousands of American veterans, even dating back to World War II navy veterans.

Denver, CO, August 17, 2008 -- LegalView, the most comprehensive legal resource available on the Internet, unveiled details of a "silent killer" of American veterans that dates back to World War II. Asbestos fibers and dust may have been silently killing veterans returning home from American-fought wars, and has long been overlooked, according to veteran and book author William S. Burton Sr. Currently, many scientists and researchers have deemed traumatic brain injury (TBI) to be the "signature injury" of the recent war, but veterans also suffer from mesothelioma cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos.

According to Burton, veterans, especially navy veterans from World War II, have had difficulties proving their asbestos-induced conditions to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans as well as those suffering from the cancer are encouraged to locate a mesothelioma law firm that can provide a plethora of experienced mesothelioma attorneys to choose from.

Mesothelioma cancer is caused by inhaling asbestos fibers, which were mined throughout the world in the 20th century. Tremolite, which is found in asbestos, caused fibers being inhaled to line the inside of the lung causing the deadly form of cancer that can spread to other parts of the body. While much is being done to find out about mesothelioma treatment, there are no known cures and very few treatments that can offer an increased survival rate. Veterans who suffer from this lung condition should seek medical attention and consult a mesothelioma attorney to learn about receiving medical disability and compensation claims for war-related conditions/illnesses.

For more on mesothelioma cancer visit LegalView's homepage. On this site, find several other various categories to navigate through and locate information on legal topics such as the faulty Zimmer Durom cup or the tendonitis-inducing Levaquin. Also learn the latest on the Viapro recall.

The failing Durom cup hip socket from Zimmer Holdings has stopped being manufactured while hundreds of physicians claim the Durom cup risks have caused failing hip components among some patients, which would likely be cause for an additional hip replacement surgery. The faulty hip socket has already been implanted into approximately 12,000 patients since the components release in 2006.

Levaquin, which is an antibiotic belonging to the fluoroquinolones drug group, was recently issued the harshest label possible by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The black box label is a warning for physicians that the drug includes serious side effects such as the increased risk of tendonitis or tendon rupture among patients. Individuals taking Levaquin are encouraged to contact a pharmaceutical attorney to learn about the details of a Levaquin class action lawsuit.

The ongoing complications associated with Viapro were discovered after an internal investigation and test by the FDA that found an undeclared ingredient in the drug. Viapro, which treats erectile dysfunction (ED) and sexual impotency, has been recalled, but patients may still suffer from the Viapro side effects. Those who are at risk are those also consuming medications containing nitrates, which can be found in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes medications.

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