Saturday, January 10, 2009

Customers Can Call Your Free 800 Number For Under 2 Cents A Minute!

cheap phone cardsI've blogged about this Cardinal phone calling card before, but I wanted to do so again because so few people are taking advantage of this offer that gives you a free 800-number and very cheap rates. With this deal any person that needs a long distance service can have one for very little money. It's a great deal even if you don't want or need a toll-free number to give to customers. But if you do get one you may decide to set up the 800-number and give it to family and friends. The reason is that you will see how really cheap it is and you may want to talk to your friends or family more often than you do now. By giving them the 800 number you pay the same lows rates, but they can call you when they need to talk to you.

This is PERFECT if you have kids that are away at school. With an 800 number they can call you anytime from anywhere, and if they have to use a pay phone there is an extra charge, but with this card it's only $0.99 so it's not too bad.

If you are in business I don't have to tell you what an 800 number means for increasing sales and customer service satisfaction. Yes, and it also makes your company look bigger than it did before. If you look at any business contacts and some have an 800 number and some don't, which one are you going to think is more professional and more importantly, more successful to be able to afford to offer this? If you call the phone company, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY A LOT MORE to get 800 service. Not only to get the number, but also for the calls you get because the rates are not going to be this low. Less than 2 cents a minute. Talk for a half an hour for 60 cents...!

If that's not enough I can list some other features and reasons for getting this card:

· Make cheap International calls
Maintenance Fee - No
Rounding - 1 minute
Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA, Canada)
Local Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
Tax - No
Pay Phone Charge - 99c
· Pinless Dialing - Just call the access number and then the number you want to call
· Speed Dial - Call friends by hitting 3 keys

If you try it and don't like this card, contact me and I may buy your card and any un-used time as long as it's under $10. I will take over your account because I can transfer the time on your card to mine. That's how happy I am with the features, service, price, and call quality...!

The site where I got this card had over 20 different ones to choose from. Some phone cards are less expensive rates, but they charge a weekly maintenance fee. If you do a high volume of calling you may want to select one of these other cards. And not all cards work in all countries, so if you are located outside the US, you'll want to check which cards have the best rate for where you live and call. There is a simple rate-finder tool on the site home page. They even offer AT&T phone cards if you are not sure about some of these card names that you have not hear of before, but the rates are really, really high, so that may not be the best option.